What is The Kīnāʻole Project

The Kīnāʻole Project was founded in 2018 for the purpose of building service activity by encouraging individuals to get involved, get innovative, and to be an influencer.

Kīnāʻole is the Hawaiian value of doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling - the first time. That probably seems like a very long list of criteria, but kīnāʻole takes into consideration that sometimes we do the right thing at the wrong time or the wrong thing altogether, which makes for a perfect storm of disaster. We want people to hone in on the power we have TOGETHER. The first step, however, starts with YOU.

Get Involved
Volunteer engagement in the State of Hawaiʻi is lower than you might think. In 2015, a federal government agency, the Corporation for National and Community Service ranked Hawaiʻi #45 (out of 51). Ouch! The good news is that we have more than 216,000 enrolled high school students (SY 2017-18). By tapping into this underutilized community, we can foster a culture of service-giving which in turn will increase adult engagement. It is never too early or too late to get involved. Involvement is key to building and maintaining healthy communities. It costs almost nothing to pick up rubbish on your street and up the block and takes less time than what it costs to get a fresh fade (hair cut).

Get Innovative
Not surprisingly every community around our state has varying needs and concerns. Some issues pop up in multiple areas but others may be unique to that community. Who is best qualified to solve these issues? Without question, the residents who live in that community and that is everyone from our keiki to our kupuna. It would be fabulous if each community had a fairy godmother who waived her bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (magic wand) and solved it for us. The real magic we need is you; a collab with existing community groups, organizations, stakeholders, and lawmakers in a mashup of innovative and unique solutions for the community you call home.

Be an Influencer
Instead of filling your social media with coffee house pics and "I just rolled out of bed" photos, use your social feed to influence your friends and peers to get involved. Real is knowing your BFF is running a beverage booth to help build a fresh water well in India or collecting socks for the unsheltered community. It doesn't have to be flashy (unless you're a speedster) or complicated. Just be honest about your activity and what you're trying to accomplish. Doing something for someone else at the right time is worth a truckload of likes and 💜s.

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